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All About Us

Pola was established in December 2009. We pride ourselves in the quality of our teaching. Our goal is to teach you Polish in a practical way, delivering a service of the highest standard. With us you will learn Polish effectively, efficiently and in such a way that you can use what you’ve learned the moment you step out of the class. As well as learning Polish, we will also encourage you to take part in our cultural activities – Polish movie nights, cultural walks through the city and old town and even Polish cooking classes. With 16 years teaching experience both here in Warsaw and abroad, our teaching staff at Pola are highly trained and ready to meet your language needs.

Who do we teach?

Here at Pola we teach foreigners and people of Polish descent who want to or have to learn Polish for different reasons. Our students are foreigners living in Poland, employees of corporations, embassies, institutions, teachers, people with Polish spouses and even distance learning students via Skype.

Our Method Works!

Our method works by immersing you in the language in a controlled way. Right from the first class, communication is through Polish – even at our beginner levels. However, lessons are delivered in such a way that you will understand what the teacher is saying. This is achieved through use of visuals and by building contexts. Lessons are based on proven communication methods designed to instill an automated use of correct language, so that you can speak fluidly without pause. As a result classes are interactive and dynamic, making the learning process a real pleasure.

Our Teachers

All our teachers are qualified to masters degree level or higher. They found their vocation teaching Polish as a foreign language. Along with previous training and experience, all Pola teachers are trained in the Pola method and take part in regular workshops organised by Pola or PASE Organisation. Our teachers understand how difficult Polish is to learn and know how to make it easier for you. Our teachers are creative, think on their feet and will often add their own material to their class to meet your specific needs

We use our own material and texbooks

Our communication method relies heavily on our self-authored textbooks and materials which were written with many years of experience. We are constantly developing and improving exercises to ensure that you get the most effective lectures for your needs

What do our customers say about the school:

Erik Emilson


A highly recommended language school with a structured and organized approach to learning Polish. Great patience and flexibility hour wise for working professionals! Thanks to my teacher Agnieszka, I can finally say: Mówię dobrze po Polsku!



When I arrived in Warsaw, six months ago, I didn’t know any Polish. The way of teaching is really good and pleasant – dialogues, listening, games. Polish language doesn’t seem so hard after all and I ‚m now able more than survive in Poland 😉



I have been really satisfied with teaching methods and got fast results at Pola! Learning is based on speaking and conversatios with competent and friently teachers. Whether it’s about learning the very basic skills or advanced studying of language, I can highly recommend Pola.

Barbara Whitaker

United States
I chose Pola to begin private lessons. I have not been disappointed. Agnieszka – my teacher, has worked diligently to move me along quickly and she has made learning this very complex language fun and informational. Pola School is flexible in scheduling and fair in pricing. I even got a ride home a few times 🙂 I’m happy I picked Pola!


As a typically non-linguistically talented Anglophone, no matter how much I learned the Polish language, I didn’t have the confidence to speak Polish outside lessons. Since starting classes at Pola School, my ability to engage in conversation and construct fluid sentences has improved massively! I am happy to say that this is thanks to the extremely high quality traching methods.

Manuel Gómez Valverde

All I can say about the school is positive, I mean it! To be honest, I never thought that I would be able to follow some Polish course with the enthusiasm that I do keep at the moment. It is definitely one of the best experiences when it comes to learning languages that I have ever had!!

What’s happening at Pola?

At Pola, you wont just learn Polish in the classroom. We also have outdoor classes on offer, where for example we go shopping together and you get to practise your Polish in everyday situations. We watch Polish films every month, learn how to cook Polish food, celebrate Polish holidays (Easter, Christmas etc.) and learn about Polish traditions. For more information on events, check our calendar on the front page. We also offer free consultations on Fridays if you would like to discuss any language issues.

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Contact Information

Please contact us directly on phone number, write an e-mail, or use „get in touch” area on website. We will contact you as soon as it`s possible!

Phone: (+48) 605 887 721
e-Mail: biuro@wlasciwi.59.pl


We are located in Old Town/City Center. You can easily get to us by:

Metro: (Ratusz Arsenał) line 1 – 10 min walking distance

Bus: (pl.Zamkowy) 116, 128, 175, 178, 180, 222, 503, 518

Bus: (Stare Miasto/Old Town) 160, 190, 527

Tram: (Stare Miasto/Old Town) 4, 13, 20, 23, 26, 27

Address: Polish for Foreigners
Senatorska 7,Warszawa

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